1. Listen
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This Song shows God's Supernatural power calling you to his purpose. This is the real-life story of how God called me to preach. I was deployed with the Military, in Mannheim Germany. It was 1983, I had just accepted Jesus as my personal savior. I was happy just loving God. But He had something more for me to do. God would wake me up at 3 am. I would kneel down and pray. Well, this special night, I knelt down to pray, I can hear God say. Don't pray, just listen. So I began to listen. God said, You Are called, go and preach my word. I grabbed my Bible and opened it to, 1 Corinthians 9:16-17. After that, I had the dream that’s in this song. Take a listen.


I dreamed of a door with a star upon it
Hebrew writing all around it
I did not understand it
So I prayed about it
Jesus said Don't pray, just listen
1 Corinthians 9:16-17 You are called
Go and preach my word

Your heart is so heavy, you don't know what to do
Lay prostrate before me and I'll speak to you
Trust me, believe me, I'm drawing you near me

Listen listenlistenlisten
Listen listenListenlisten
Listen listen OOHHHHHH
Listen listenOOOOhhhhhhhhhhooooo

There is a still small voice
you’re not alone, I'm God and on the throne, you are my very own
don’t fret don't despair, even when trouble is everywhere
Listen with your heart your spirit and your ear,

I'm speaking to someone that's willing to hear
Just Listen
Listen listenooohhooo
Why don’t you listen
Listen listenLissstenooohhooo
Hear my spirit, Hear my voice, hear my word
Just listen
Hear my spirit, Hear my voice, hear my word
Just Listen
Hear my spirit, Hear my voice, hear my word
Just Listen
Hear my spirit, Hear my voice
Listen listenoohoo
Listen ooohhooo
Yes come on and listen