From the recording WHY I FLOW

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This song explains something powerful about the human experience. And that is, we all have a foundation. And that foundation is something that helped to shape our lives, in a bad way, in a good way, or in just some way. Why I Flow, is based on a true story of my life, that’s now in development as a full feature movie. The Flowers Of Rose. SYNOPSIS

Rose, a single mother raising seven children on her own, teaches her children to trust in God to protect them from harm. Following her tragic death, her children struggle to cope, some continuing to trust in God, others losing their faith in Him after tragedy continuously befalls the family. While poverty, loss, and grief plague the family, Jerry emerges as the leader. He fulfills his childhood dream by joining the Army, despite dropping out of high school to take care of his family. After meeting a soldier that has a faith in God as strong as his mother's, he rekindles his and his families' love and trust in God. Although Jerry lost his faith in God, he learns that God has always had His angels watching over The Flowers of Rose. So that’s why I flow.